Hi, I’m Catherine, a Madison WI photographer.

I love taking photos, but telling stories is what really floats my boat. 

Who you are, what you love, what makes you laugh, what brings tears to your eyes—these are the things you will see in the images I make for you.

I want to create art that you’ll want to hang on your wall, with images that paint a beautifully realistic portrait of who you are right now, photos that you’ll want to print in an album to thumb through over and over again.

So let’s work together to create a remembrance of who you really are. Let’s go on a canoeing adventure, eat an ice cream and walk to the park, hang out at home on a quiet Saturday morning, do dinner and bedtime, visit a pumpkin patch, dip our feet in a lake. Your life is your own uniquely beautiful story and I’d love to help you tell it.


family lifestyle portrait session with mom, dad, and newborn baby


My passion and drive to capture your family's everyday comes from my commitment to preserving the everyday memories of my own family. I find that even the most vital and definitive of moments inevitably fade in our memories, and the quiet routines of day-to-day life are even more apt to be easily forgotten.

Yet, these moments and memories are precisely the substance of our emotional lives. They are the building blocks of our history as a family and when strung together they compose the narrative of our story.

I want to remember every moment and every detail of this life that my family and I are making together and because I know I simply cannot do so, I take picutres.

I want to remember our life right now in its imperfect glory and I want the photos that we have of this time to reflect the beauty of it, flaws and all.

Hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, tears and upset should all be preserved, I believe. This is the philosophy that informs how I photograph my own family and yours: no artifice, no matching outfits, no pretense, just real life and true emotion remembered.

As your family photographer I can promise to tell your family's story with love, compassion, honesty and a respect for its beautiful uniqueness.  

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'd love to talk more about being your family photographer and helping to tell your uniquely beautiful story. You can use this form to get in touch or reach me at hello@catherinehilcove.com or at 608-421-2214. I look forward to hearing from you!


black and white portrait of little girl in Madison, WI