Me and My Story

It’s probably not a surprise that my educational background is in Literature. I love stories and I have as long as I can remember. And I really do believe that everyone has an amazing story to tell, including you.

No matter your age or stage of life, your life is full of beauty and meaning and you deserve to remember it all. I’ve learned from personal experience that you don’t need a remodeled kitchen or a manicured yard or the right outfits or even need to change out of your pajamas to make images that hit you right in the heart and that you’ll want to see every single day.

All the chapters in the story of our lives deserve to be told, not just the happiest or the most peaceful. I believe that this is true for my life and for yours. Life is a mind-blowing journey of beauty and sorrow and happiness and joy and everything in between and I want us all to remember every bit of it in its full glory.


Telling Your Story As I Tell My Own