Each and every time I do an in-home photo session, I feel like I’ve been given a gift. Being welcomed into a family’s home and invited to document them in that most authentic and meaningful space is such a privilege and an honor. I love witnessing and capturing the unique beauty of every family that extends such an invitation to me, as each experience is so lovely in its own particular way. And often, being in a family’s home provides such a clear and honest portrait of who that family is and how they approach life.

This in-home family session was no different and, in fact, was perhaps even more authentic than the average session, as just minutes before I arrived at this beautiful family’s home they’d discovered a significant amount of standing water in their basement! I would be willing to bet that very few of us would be calm and collected upon such a discovery and yet they were. The youngest member of the family was still having his morning nap and one parent was a bit delayed getting ready after having stepped in the large puddle downstairs, but the other members of the family greeted me with smiles on their faces, ready for fun. And even though there were some phone calls to the plumber during our time together (he actually arrived in the middle of the session and headed downstairs to take stock of the damage) there were still smiles, jokes and so much loving silliness during our couple of hours together. This family of four danced, sang, laughed, cried (baby A, that is), played and were not only full of love, but replete with grace in the face of the unexpected.

Little girl playing board game during family photo session



Dad and daughter play games during family photos



Dress twirling during family photos



Child's artwork at home


Living room playing during family photos


Playing with the spinning chair during family photos



Dads and daughter during family photosBig sister playing family photos Madison WI



Playing with dolls by window light in-home family photos


Fun with a balloon family photo session Madison WI


Playing all together for family photos in Madison WI



When baby brother wakes up



Baby brother waking up from a nap


Jumping on her bed for family photos fun


Looking out the window


Baby in christening gown for family photos


Big sister helping during family photos


Changing baby brother Madison WI family photos



Little baby flying through the air with Dad



Doing some digging for her family photo session





Family portrait in action Madison WI



Dads and son on front porch for family photos


Dad snuggling daughter for family photo session



Funny family portrait Madison WI



Yard work in Madison WI



Dad feeding baby on front porch


Dynamic family portrait of dad and daughter




Family snuggled up on the couch



Family dancing together for photo session


Snuggling dad during family photos


Playing airplane with dad for family photos






Dad and daughter portrait


Fun and laughter in-home photos in Madison WI






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