February is a funny kind of month in places with four distinct seasons. No longer in the depths of winter and not yet feeling the world inching toward springtime, life in February feels very in-between. There are warmer days here and there and the light begins to last noticeably later and later into the afternoon and early evening. But my kids still pull on their snow boots every morning before school and there will be many a snow storm before we all declare that the false starts are over and spring has finally arrived. It’s a season of cuddling in and feeling anchored while also waiting for change.

As I sit in this somewhat uncomfortable middle spot, I feel like I’m in a bit of a holding pattern too as I notice the same things over and over again, day after day. And perhaps because I honestly do feel a little starved for light and warmth at this time of year, my eye is repeatedly drawn to the afternoon light that our western-facing home gets every afternoon. The strengthening later day light may not be warm enough to want to enjoy in a chair on the front lawn as it might in a month or so, but it catches my eye and brightens our afternoons.

I find myself grabbing my camera at about the same time and in the same spots in our house on sunny days to try to capture some of that energy and brightness that it brings to our often very regular afternoons. I hope you too have an equivalent of my late-afternoon sun.

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Catherine Hilcove Photography: Family Photography, Madison WI